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A network itself is an intangible data highway comprised of multiple communication devices interacting with one another to provide user services. Because of the complexity surrounding network design and upkeep, many corporate networks are underutilized or performing sub-optimally. A network assessment often times can be the most valuable expenditure your business can make in its IT investment.

Our Assessment solutions offer you a way to get the security, performance, and reliability of your corporate network analyzed by a team of network consultants, equipped with the latest diagnostic tools. Most of the analysis process occurs with minimal, if any, network interruption.

Performing an assessment before and after a network change, and establishing performance baselines, may help you understand the impact of that change. Network baselines will also point out important infrastructure issues, from weaknesses in design methodology, to failing or damaged infrastructure components.

Network Assessments find areas for improvement in your network, and those findings will be thoroughly explained and documented. You will then be presented with a report, detailing any network anomalies and our recommended methods for their correction. WaTech Computer Services, Inc. offers many different levels of Network Assessments/Health Checks. Please contact us to find out how a custom tailored Assessment will allow your business to fully benefit from its investment in technology.