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Is your business protected from cyberthreats?

Keeping tabs on client endpoints can be a daunting task.  Business owners and managers need to know how, where, when, and by whom their devices are being used.  With the complexity of today’s client devices, assuring that standards are kept with application versions, operating system updates, and virus/malware protection can no longer be a manual effort.

To solve these universal technology concerns, WaTech implements Alpha Guard with every managed service contract.  Alpha Guard is a cloud-accessed, all-in-one, client-endpoint management solution that includes centrally managed virus and malware protection.  A small service loaded on each client endpoint allows for hundreds of management functions.  Below is a summary of the most commonly utilized features of Alpha Guard.

Network and endpoint management are provided in one native application, unifying network and endpoint management into a single product. Alpha Guard was built from the ground up to function as a single solution with one interface and, one architecture for an entire comprehensive view of your network infrastructure without any on-site servers or server applications. Employing policy-based automation with proactive remediation increases productivity. Automated deployment of software, patches, and reporting across your whole environment will happen with the push of a button. Alpha Guard can also expand this power with security and backup integrations from the top providers in the industry.

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What makes Alpha Guard different?


Alpha Guard provides the tools and proactive alerts necessary to keep servers running with the highest percentage of uptime possible. Through the same platform used to monitor and manage client devices, technicians are able to interact with servers


Alpha Guard enables the technician to take control of a remote computer without involving the remote user. Technicians or trainers can work collaboratively with the remote user to teach or troubleshoot, or they may silently watch remote sessions to check on staff efficiency.


Alpha Guard’s monitoring platform is integrated directly into Alpha Guard’s endpoint management suite. These powerful tools can be used to proactively monitor all aspects of network-connected devices including servers, hypervisors, routers, switches, and firewalls.


Alpha Guard protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more in real time. Using a layered approach to global-threat intelligence, this solution continually refines and enhances its classification accuracy.


Our integrated auditing tool can grab every piece of useful data from your managed machines, enabling us to help you make more informed decisions about hardware and software upgrades or replacements. Management can see where and when staff are using their devices.


Because Alpha Guard runs in our cloud, our solution comes with minimal capital expenditure. It’s even possible to reduce operating costs because you don’t have to invest in on-site infrastructure, pay increased energy bills or configure onsite hardware.

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