Finally... A fair phone service built for enterprise

We believe that a business’s phone-system setup and support should be an interactive and personal experience. Your customer’s experience with your phone system is one of the most important components of your customer service.

Most hosted phone system platforms charge a monthly fee for each handset.  While this may ease calculating costs and customer billing, we feel it is not a fair approach to leverage the full potential of a hosted phone system offering for our customers.

At WaTech, your support experience will always be personalized to the unique setup of your business.  Unlike other solutions that perform initial cookie-cutter setups and training and then push you off to impersonal call centers for ongoing support, WaTech’s support staff are the same team that designs and builds our systems.



What makes Alpha Voice different?


Billing is fairly based on the peak number of simultaneous in/outbound calls made and the number of external phone numbers (DID’s) you need. Charges are NOT based on the number of phone sets or phone lines you have.


There are no separately priced modules, plug-ins, add-ons, or upcharges for any feature of the Alpha Voice-hosted phone platform. Use any feature from initial install, or grow into more advanced functionality, without paying any additional charges.


WaTech’s Alpha Voice platform may be used at any location with a capable Internet connection. WaTech has deployed it’s Alpha Voice servers in strategically chosen data centers throughout the country to offer the most stable connection to your business.


There is no "one size fits all" solution with Alpha Voice! WaTech has direct access to the core programming team of the phone-system software, which allows highly specialized features to be developed for specific client needs.


Qualified technicians who are already familiar with your setup will be the ones who will handle your support needs directly and offer the responsiveness you need when changes are required in your setup. In our personal-support model, you will never be just a customer number to us.


WaTech offers several solutions to save on POTS and/or analog line costs. Whether analog gateway devices or hosted e-fax solutions, we ensure that our customers have the most cost-effective faxing solution without sacrificing the required functionality.

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