WaTech chooses its Strategic Technology Partners with meticulous care. We partner only with innovative, stable companies that offer best-in-class products and services and provide the highest level of support for what they sell. Because we understand that each partner has its strengths and weaknesses, we choose the optimal products and services from the companies best suited to offer them.

For example, while one partner might produce the top-performing network security appliance, another might supply a superior user-facing infrastructure device. Therefore, rather than blindly committing to the entire product lines of only a few companies, we rely on a number of Strategic Technology Partners for the different IT/Telecom needs of our customers. Our customers deserve only the best products and services from the companies that produce the best!

Another important factor in selecting our Strategic Technology Partners is the quality of their documentation, training, and vendor-education programs. We believe that the quality of the partner’s solution is no more important than our ability to properly implement that solution. A poorly or improperly implemented solution will not perform ideally, no matter how well our partner has developed it. WaTech is highly skilled at implementing and supporting every Strategic Technology Partner product or service that we choose to utilize. We know which products and services work well together, and we have hundreds of successful implementations to show for it.

The final factor in selecting our Strategic Technology Partners is the pricing model. WaTech maintains wholesale reseller status with our partners so that we can offer our customers superior solutions at affordable prices. WaTech bundles orders, stocks products when they’re on sale, and leverages project-pricing discounts to ensure that our customers always benefit from the best value possible.

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