WaTech Alpha Services


WaTech has a strong focus on leveraging available technologies to address our customer’s business challenges. WaTech has created the branded Alpha Services to provide the our customers the best and most cost effective solutions available for many core business functions.


IT Solutions


From cabling and wireless connectivity, to design and documentation, WaTech Computer Services, Inc. knows that the performance and stability of your core network, is fundamental to the technology that improves the efficiency of your business.


Your software is the interface that your business deals with every day. A poor performing, unstable application can bring the efficiency of a business to its knees. There are many factors to investing in a software solution for your daily business functions. What platforms is it supported on? What type of hardware does it require? How can it be accessed from remote offices, and what regular maintenance and backup steps are required? These are just a few critical questions and WaTech Computer Services, Inc. can help you find the answers.


The most capable and cost efficient phone systems are VOIP Solutions. By leveraging the power of IP to transfer voice communications as data, the benefits of interoperability, low cost transmission, superior call quality, and unifying remote locations and users has never been more possible to achieve. WaTech offers customers many options for embracing the power and cost saving of VOIP technology VOIP Phone Systems.


WaTech Computer Services, Inc. has had great success providing Service Contracts to our customers. WaTech’s Virtual IT Services are extremely attractive for most of our customers. After establishing a monthly fixed billing rate, WaTech Computer Services, Inc. goes to work on your IT needs as if we were on staff with your company. Find out how WaTech Computer Services, Inc, can help you put the focus back on your business.


Throughout the years, WaTech Computer Services, Inc. has formed relationships with many types of businesses. During that time, we have become intimately aware of the challenges our clients face when implementing technology into their business. WaTech has targeted certain Industries with specialized solutions, and created turn-key approaches to solve issues quickly and efficiently.