Why VoIP is the right choice for your business

Cloud computing is rapidly gaining popularity in the post-pandemic world. The cloud promises to increase productivity, ease-of-use, and immense cost savings versus traditional phone systems, making it a major opportunity for businesses to improve communication.

Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to leverage a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. This allows them to make phone calls via the internet and not through traditional phone lines.

The many benefits of VoIP are hard to overlook when businesses weigh the pros and cons. Businesses are increasingly choosing VoIP services like WaTech’s Alpha Voice to power their phone systems.

Here are a few reasons VoIP is better than traditional landlines when you’re evaluating the best phone solution for your company:

Hardware is optional

Cloud phone systems are more cost-effective than traditional landlines and eliminate on-premise equipment that is required to power conventional phone services.

There is no need for physical hardware or cables. Your team can communicate with each other via SIP phones (i.e. Use the IP network instead of calling over phone lines). You can also communicate with your team using any device; including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, by downloading a softphone application to your device.

Flexibility and mobility

Employees are often restricted by traditional phone services, particularly since many businesses don’t follow a 9-5 work schedule. These services tie one phone number to one phone so employees who aren’t in the office (e.g. traveling, working from home) can’t access their business number.

Cloud phone systems don’t care where you are located. Your employees can access their business number from anywhere they have internet access and a mobile device or computer. They can also text, call, and fax any time they like. You just need to install an app or log into the portal of the VoIP provider to make and receive calls, as well as faxes.

Global communications phone service

VoIP phone services are built for global scale and are an average of 60 percent cheaper than traditional phone services. This eliminates concerns for cost surrounding international, long-distance, and local calls. In addition, toll-free numbers usually have lower per-minute charges than traditional telecom providers.

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