The Advantages of a Telecom Consultant

We are frequently asked by clients, “What’s the difference between using you or a direct telecom representative?” We hope you find this helpful if you’ve ever had the same question.

  • A WaTech consultant has many years of experience in telecom. We are also familiar with the products and processes of multiple carriers. We will help you find the right carriers for your needs.
  • An average telecommunications company will see a turnover rate of over 50% each year. This creates a dilemma of quick hiring of individuals with less experience. These candidates don’t have the experience or perspective of consultants who have worked with multiple carriers.
  • WaTech consultants are invested in our clients’ long-term happiness and satisfaction. Direct service provider reps are paid upfront and then move on. There is no reason for them to remain engaged or to be concerned about the customer’s satisfaction.
  • WaTech consultants offer impartial advice and perspectives.
  • WaTech consultants will help you get the best prices and be there to support you long-term.

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