Bandwidth Solutions


Internet Service Provider

Reliable and well performing Internet Service has become a critical component to business functionality.

With the continued increase in cloud hosted applications, VPN connections and hosted VOIP solutions, Internet service must keep up with the demand of multiple users simultaneously accessing remote locations around the world.

Partnering with the right Internet Service provider can be one of the most important decisions a business can make. WaTech offers many solutions varying Internet connectivity needs.



Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the leading multi-location, intra-office networking solution. This robust data-carrying method helps businesses speed up their networks and manage user traffic and flow.

MPLS labels data packets with priority values and moves them along provider-configured label-switching paths. These conduits ensure predictable data flow and prevent bottle-necking on critical traffic such as voice and video conferencing. Sometimes referred to as point to multi-point or meshed topology, MPLS offers flexibility, security and scalability to Wide Area Networks.


Point to Point

When the lowest possibly latency between two locations is the top priority, a point to point bandwidth solution may be the best choice.

Point to Point solutions offer simple fast connectivity between two sites almost any distance apart from one another.

With multiple speed options and several premise hand-off technologies, point to point solutions are a tried and true method for providing low latency connectivity between two locations.


Enterprise Wireless

By partnering with leading Southeast Michigan bandwidth providers, WaTech is able to offer enterprise class wireless bandwidth delivery.

Wireless bandwidth delivery may be used as a standalone alternative to terrestrial delivered circuits, or part of a redundant solution with physical path diversity.

In either scenario, customers may choose speeds between 50mb/s and 1000mb/s with the peace of mind of having an SLA of 99.9999% guaranteed uptime.

Most wireless installs can be active within 2 weeks and pricing on this offering is extremely competitive!


Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic bandwidth solutions have become the premier delivery method for critical, high performing connectivity.  With evolving transmit methods and increased geographical foot prints, fiber has become an industry “buzz word” associated with reliability and high speed communication. 

Increased carrier investment in fiber optic technology has made it an affordable and viable solution for almost any sized business.  With the importance of multi-site connectivity and cloud hosted services, fiber is becoming the preferred technology for core business functions.  WaTech partners with all leading fiber carriers and can price and design a solution to fit your business’s needs.

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