Enterprise Networking Services

WaTech Enterprise Networking Services & Solutions


Whether it’s building a brand new infrastructure, scaling an existing environment for increased demand, or meshing the technology of combining businesses, WaTech Computer Services, Inc. has the experience to improve the efficiency of your business.


Cabling infrastructure make up the invisible veins that flow data throughout your network. WaTech takes pride in implementing organized cabling systems that offer high levels of performance, yet do not interfere with the aesthetics of your office.

Health Checks

Is your businesses IT environment operating at its maximum performance? Is it fully secure? Are devices in your network being utilized at their full potential? Find out how WaTech can perform a detailed analysis of your businesses IT environment and present you with our findings.

Documentation Standardization

Over time, most IT environments become out of sync with varying application versions, security standards, operating system patches, etc. At the same time, documentation also becomes outdated and inaccurate. WaTech Computer Services, Inc. offers services to get the devices in your network standardized, and documentation updated.


Wireless networks allow your business the convenience of data mobility. Wireless networks have become a mission critical component to the efficiency of many businesses. WaTech Computer Services, Inc. has freed many of its customers from their dependency on wired networks, and taken the productivity of their business to the next level with secured wireless networks.

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