Multi-Tenant Complex

Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

  • Identify and document owner’s IT and telecom goals for the building/campus
  • Advise owner of best practices and security concerns within a shared IT infrastructure
  • Interface with tenants of the building and gather their individual IT and telecom requirements
  • Gather and evaluate suitable vendors and bids for IT equipment and related services
  • Educate owner when choosing IT equipment vendors and telecom services
  • Provide a highly qualified team specializing in the architecture, delivery and support of enterprise-class IT/Telecom systems

Project Management

  • Interface with chosen vendors to define requirements and divisions of responsibility on the project
  • Represent owners by negotiating the proper services and most aggressive pricing available
  • Provide status and technical explanation to owners and tenants throughout the entire project
  • Maintain continued contact with tenants to assure they will meet their move in deadlines

Managed Shared Network and Telecom Systems

  • Dedicated building/campus support allows tenants to focus on their core business, not on their IT system
  • Customized designs tailored to meet the specific IT/Telecom requirements of owner and tenants
  • Flexible designs offer shared resource benefits yet allow tenants to maintain their own internal network
  • Capability to provide building or campus-wide wireless network access to shared or tenant voice or data networks while providing comprehensive security to maintain proper
    network isolation and access control
  • IT/Telecom system allows users to securely access their building/campus
    network from remote locations
  • Virtual separation of tenant networks maintains the security and autonomy
    of tenant networks
  • Technology integration of digital building signage, building management
    and security systems is available
  • Tenants gain access to high-level IT/Telecom technicians with their
    participation in the shared system

Economies of Scale

  • The more tenants that participate in the “building system” the more affordable it becomes
  • Highly aggressive telecom and Internet usage plans may be negotiated for the entire building
  • Remote locations may securely connect to the building location to share voice and data services
  • Shared IT resources allows for enterprise class IT equipment and design, yielding superior performance and stability of voice and data services
  • By pooling resources to acquire common telecommunications circuits and Internet connectivity from external providers, excess capacity and redundancy are available at substantially reduced cost than would be reasonably obtained by individual tenants

Performance on Demand and Future Shared Services


  • Controlled IT/Telecom oversubscription allows individual tenants high levels of performance when needed
  • Leveraged building/campus services can be provided : e-mail, web-hosting, shared network devices, etc
  • Enterprise class core IT/Telecom equipment and connectivity provides for superior performance when compared to autonomous systems


Ongoing Managed Support


  • Ongoing support of installed IT/Telecom systems
  • Individualized support options are available for tenant locations within the building and at remote locations
  • Cohesive building and tenant support offers superior ‘end-to-end’ IT/Telecom management efficiency


Cost Benefits and ROI


  • Initial out of pocket expense typically does not exceed tenant’s price for an autonomous system
  • Centralized IT/Telecom management greatly reduces tenant’s individual support costs
  • Typical return on investment (ROI) for initial capital Telecom/IT expenditure is within one year
  • Savings of up to 50% for single tenant monthly Telecom/IT bill
  • High reliability, coupled with a stronger long-term negotiating position with IT & Telecom suppliers


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WaTech Computer Services, Inc. was started in 1995 by the current president, Darren Watts. Darren has over twelve years of technical consulting and project management experience in computer network design, analysis, troubleshooting and implementation. He has designed many large-scale Local and Wide Area networks in Medical environments, and has selected consultants that share his values of providing technical excellence, along with outstanding customer service.


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